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How to get there

Hacienda de Chiconcuac, Calz. De

Los Pinos 1, Centro, 62795, Xochitepec, Mor.

Once you’re there

These are some of our favorite places in the area.

Robert Brady Museum

One of our favorite spots in Cuernavaca is the Robert Brady Museum.

This used to be the artist’s house and everything is still the way it was left by him. This is a great example of true Mexican architecture and the interior design throughout the house is terrific. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-25 at 7.39.49 PM.jpeg

Jügo & Hippo 

This terrace is located in front of Cuernavaca’s Cathedral and it has one of the best views in the City.

The perfect place to enjoy some drinks and snacks.

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El Madrigal

This restaurant is located inside a boutique hotel in the center of the City, it’s the perfect place for lunch or dinner. The food is delicious and the service is excellent.

La Provence

The only serious French restaurant in Cuernavaca, La Provence was brought to life by Chef Pascal Brunereau and the food is delicious. We recommend asking for the Chef’s daily recommendation.

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Hoteles y B&B to see

Las Mañanitas

Approximately 25 minutes away from wedding venue.


Misión del Sol

Approximately 34 minutes away from wedding venue.

Las Casas B&B

Approximately 25 minutes away from wedding venue.

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Misión Grand

Approximately 26 minutes away from wedding venue.

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